The ebb and flow to a gambling experience is the luxury of being a millionaire but mostly sipping your whiskey bottle but never in the absence of your confidants’ team. The elucidation of this misfortune is quite simple. Throw a party at your place so you can revel with your gang just like in a brick-and-mortar casino yet earn gazillions of memories at the comfort of your home. If you are envisaging a festive party on your birthday, anniversary, or housewarming – the reality remains who needs a reason for throwing a party. The magic bullet for you is to unfurl a gambling theme. With a few luring tweaks, you can create a Las-Vegas style casino online malaysia yet definitely with your personalized stroke. To experience that adrenaline rush, you need not necessarily tour trusted online casino malaysia but revolutionize your sweet home into an enchanting casino – reminisce this fun-filled voyage.


Shot Roulette

The classic online board game that everyone cherishes. If you want to be relaxed and chill while sipping from that bottle of beer, anticipating Lady Luck to do her charm, go ahead. The French invented this game. A roulette table is presented with a game wheel, a ball, and a betting table. This game requires you to hurl a ball onto a spinning wheel and try your luck by betting on the number, row, column, or colour. For starters, you can bet on red or black!

However, the fun tweak here is the shot associated with each number on the board – creative customization that leaves everyone tipsy and lively after a few shots. But who’s lucky enough to drink that loathsome tequila on the zero or the chilli vodka on number 13. If you don’t want to ruin your game table and plan to draw a grid featuring 37 numbers – prepare yourself to redraw it a couple of times because you won’t be able to avoid those untimely spills!

Shot Roulette

Chilli Craps

The liveliest games with a swarm of people gathered around the table. Like shot roulette, the game’s ethos is to guess the number on the dice with each score connected to a specific drink – sounds more exciting than traditional craps at casinos. Though gambling games involving dice are viewed as primordial, yet the unchallenged monarch of casino dice games is craps. Don’t be terrorized by the learning involved, as it includes satisfactory remuneration. The game consists of placing your bets on the table, and once the dice are rolled, it requires you to choose from several possible outcomes.

Do you want to spice up this amusement by adding an extra fun fear factor? Then penalize the player who rolls a ‘snake eyes.’ Do you relish in furnishing them a spine-chilling adventure – then ask them to take a raw chilli bite, and you can get even more creative with your crazy ideas!

Choco Blackjack

The popular game since the 1700s, and if you are an adept, then blackjack is your cup of tea—an effortless table game that has stood the test of time—the thrilling attributes of doubling and splitting offering you a trump card. You are triumphant if without searching, you get your cards close to the value of 21- the trick is to obtain that magic 21 without going bust.

Now let’s tweak this game for the young kids at the party – not only will it aid them to be math geniuses but also incentivise them with chocolate poker chips. Make sure they don’t eat all of them until they finish one round, at least! You can even payout in chocolate for successful spins – so they get to gratify them with the thrill of blackjack and satiate their sweet tooth.


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